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Walmart Summer Giving: The Walmart Foundation’s $25 Million Commitment

This summer, the Walmart Foundation is committing $25 million to provide nutritious meals, learning opportunities and jobs to youth across the U.S.

Millions of children who live in inner cities and lower-income households look forward to a healthy free lunch during the school day. Our nation’s public school teachers take special care to help these same children grow intellectually. As they get older, our high schools help them gain job skills that will take them far in life. What happens to these kids when school is out? Who looks out for them? Who’s
helping them stay on the right track?

This summer, the Walmart Foundation is stepping up to help through a $25 million commitment. Through our funding, millions of elementary, middle and high school students are less likely to fall behind this summer. Instead, they’ll have a better summer and live better lives.

In NYC Walmart contributed up to $6,000,000. Mayor Bloomberg, Department of Youth and Community Development Commissioner Jeanne Mullgrav, and our very own Senior Director for the Walmart Foundation Michelle Gilliard, announced a $4 million donation to the Summer Youth Employment Program earlier this week, as well as a pledge to raise an additional $1 million for the struggling program. SYEP has provided summer jobs to hundreds of thousands of New York City residents, ages 14 to 24, since the early 1960s. It provides career exploration, post-secondary education information, life skills training, health education, and financial literacy.

According to Mayor Bloomberg, “Walmart’s generous donation creates the most job slots the Summer Youth Employment Program has ever raised with private money. This timely investment in our city’s youth comes at a moment when many young people are struggling to find employment and will give thousands the opportunity to take that critical first step toward their career goals.” Our pledge will expand the program by up to 3,400 jobs and help mitigate cuts in State and Federal funding.

Other donation recipients provide support for food programs while needy students. The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation will receive $50,000 in support of the “CookShop” program, which teaches children how to prepare healthy meals for themselves, and the NYC Department of Education Office of School Food will receive $225,000 towards providing nutritious meals. BELL was awarded $812,500, which will go towards providing learning opportunities for some 2,000 New York City middle school students.

Referring to the almost $13 million donated to city programs in the last four years alone, Walmart’s own Steven Restivo, National Director of Community Affairs, summed it up best by describing the donation as “a continuation of what our foundation has done over the past several years.”

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